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City of Lake Worth Beach

Public Comment

Those who wish to participate in Public Comment for any meeting (except work sessions) may submit their comment via the City website at least one (1) hour before the start of the meeting. Public comments must be received at least one (1) hour before the start of a meeting.

There are two options for submitting a public comment:

Read own comments via Zoom: Once the comment is submitted the resident will receive an email with confirmation of the comment and another email from Zoom with details on how to access the meeting to read your comment(s) into the record. If a resident wishes to provide a live comment they must be available on Zoom and logged in with their real name in order to speak.

Clerk Read Public Comment: Check the box if you prefer the City Clerk to read the comment(s). The City Clerk will read the comment into the record at the appropriate time during the meeting. The resident will NOT be required to be present on Zoom if this option is selected.

Note: A separate card is necessary for each agenda item to be addressed.

Details, Rules, and Information

  • Speakers will refrain from making comments of a personal nature regarding others.
  • Name-calling and/or obscenity is forbidden.
  • Time limit to address the commission on any agenda item: 2 minutes. (No individual may address the commission/board more than once on any agenda item.)
  • Time limit to address the commission on non-agenda items: 3 minutes. (Public Participation)
  • Public Participation will be at the end of the agenda items followed by Commission Liaison Reports and Comments.
  • Strict adherence to Robert’s Rules shall be followed at every meeting that is open to the public. An annual course on parliamentary procedures is required for the commission and city board members.
  • The Mayor and Commissioners cannot address nor answer questions directly to the speaker during public comment. (Unless there is a point of order) A copy of the resolution adopting rules and procedures for the City Commission is available in the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Email sent to staff will not be accepted.
  • At the sole discretion of the Commission, emails or faxes sent directly to them could be accepted and read into the record.
  • Public comment cards submitted in bulk will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  • Public comment cards submitted to staff on behalf of absent individuals will not be accepted and read into the record.
  • Public comment cards personally submitted to staff during a meeting will be read into the record regardless of whether the individual is still present at the meeting.

Consent to Online Public Comment

The Clerk will read comments for 30 minutes for each item. All additional items will be listed on the website to be reviewed. These comments will include, the comments submitted, the topic letter and type, the submitters address, whether they are for, against, undecided, or if this is not applicable.


You must agree to this in order to submit your comment. By clicking here you agree to submit your comment to be read at the meeting and have your comment and related information, including your address, posted to the City’s website.

Meeting Selection


  • Read own comments via Zoom

    If you would like to read your comments for this meeting via Zoom please click the toggle button.
    If you are choosing to join via zoom you can only join the latest upcoming meeting. (You can not pre-register for a future meeting).

  • Have City Read My Comments

    If you are not participating in person or via zoom and would like the city to read your comments please click this toggle.

If you are attending via Zoom you do not need to fill out section out. However if you would like your comments to be listed on the City website you are still welcome to fill out this box.

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